Before we met Joe, my wife and I had been in the market to buy our first home for almost a year, and we were getting discouraged. Our old agent had taken us to see over 50 condos and houses, but we hadn’t seen anything that we liked. Finally, I asked around and Joe was recommended by a friend of mine. We saw results immediately! First of all, we sat down with Joe and he used his excellent listening and communicating skills to great effect by making an extra effort to understand our frame of mind. He then showed us all of the options available, helping us to tweak our plan in an attempt to maximize our choice. Being the novice house shoppers that we were, we appreciated how Joe used his expertise to make suggestions to help temper our expectations in some respects, but also to give us new and inspiring ideas that we had not previously considered. We left that meeting already realizing that we had made a good choice, and he emailed us a list of locations that evening. On our first trip out to view some places for sale, we wanted to buy all of the houses that Joe took us to! In fact, we made an offer on the second house that we saw that day, and Joe was able to secure a final purchase well below the asking price. He was of invaluable assistance in helping us to understand the whole process and come away with our dream house! Overall, our experience dealing with Joe was 100% positive. He is professional, diligent, personable, honest, and extremely knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Joe to anyone who is in the market for a new house!

— First time home buyers – Jeff and Yukari

Joseph is hands down the best realtor out there. I first met Joe at Goodlife when I sold him a membership and began talking to him about buying a house. Though my husband and I were looking to purchase a place we weren’t putting much pressure on it because of crazy busy schedules. Joseph came a long and got right to it; he set up a first appointment, got to know what we wanted. Being very picky and viewing countless houses, Joe remained incredibly patient and was never pushy. Joseph not only helped us find our dream home but he was there every step of the way. Purchasing a very first home we had millions of questions and he was there to answer all of them. To top it all off he bought us a brand new BBQ after overhearing us say we wouldn’t get one until later when we could afford it. Even after weeks of being in our new home Joe has been there for us whenever we needed him or had any questions. I would recommend him to everyone and when we buy and sell to upgrade he will be my first call. Huge thanks to Joseph Pekelsky for finding us our perfect home.

— First time home buyers – Alix and Matt

We needed to start selling our home at a difficult time of year. Most real estate agents would discourage people from selling in December. Nevertheless, we needed to develop a winning strategy to get the best out of the market, and sell in a reasonable timeframe.

After interviewing three different groups of real estate agents who, mostly, had a pessimistic outlook for our chances of success, we finally met Joe. He listened carefully to our needs and gave us a more optimistic view of our odds. As he said so clearly, there are still lots of people who haven’t yet found their dream home during the busier summer and fall seasons; they are still waiting on social media for a house that meets their requirements.

Joe developed a clear strategy with and for us. He truly wanted to help us decide how to proceed, and let us establish milestones for which we might want to adapt the strategy in the future.

He managed to develop a superb portfolio to highlight the best features of the house. Many of our friends and neighbours were very impressed by the quality of his work. Some people actually told us they needed somebody like him to sell their house in the future.

Joe was always available to consult with. He was very understanding to our needs, and was very professional. He often spent time with us, and made sure that we all stayed very optimistic. All along the way, we knew what was happening. It was a very pleasant experience.

Anybody who needs a competent and trustworthy agent should seriously consider Joe for any real estate needs.

— Offer in 36 hours for 99% of asking price – Robert and Joane

Joe has been a tremendous help in our project to find the perfect house. He contacted us when a client engaged him to find a specific house model which we happened to have. After he knocked at our door and we accepted to sell our house to his other client, he worked very hard to find the perfect property for us. After a few months, everything was completed and everybody was happy and very satisfied. His professionalism and enthusiasm made the whole journey painless and enjoyable.

Thank you Joe!

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